Pak Media Welfare Association.


The media of Pakistan is growing rapidly like the rest of the world, the example of which cannot be found in the history of Pakistan. But it is a harsh fact that growth despite the people related to media are still struggling to survive. There is even no serious step being taken by the organization in which they are working.

In view of the fact about the people related to media and their welfare, National the members for their welfare and better life.

  • Health insurance (Free medical help to members and families)
  • Old age benefit (To provide facilities to the old age beneficiaries)
  • Education (To provide free education to the member’s children and build schools, colleges and universities)
  • Residence (Media town residential scheme for members)
  • Media club (The club where members get together and share their problems and happiness)
  • Legal advisory (Provide legal consistency to the members)
  • Dowry fund (Arranging dowry for member’s daughters)

Apart of this time to time we will look after and try our best to resolve the problem of our valuable members.